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  • Acrylic Coffee Table

    Acrylic Coffee Table

    A classic clear acrylic coffee table made in 12mm transparent Perspex  with diamond polished edges for a perfect finish. A fine example of acrylic furniture manufactured by Luminati.

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    From £90.83
  • TV or Monitor Riser Stand

    TV or Monitor Riser Stand

    TV riser stands available in a selection of colours and sizes to raise the height of a screen and provide extra space underneath.

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    From £32.50
  • Wall Mounting Key Holder

    Wall Mounting Key Holder

    A modern great looking wall mounting key holder with strong magnets to hold a selection of keys and photo pocket holders to personalise the key rack and create a unique eye catching holder for your entrance hall.

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    From £11.66
  • Curved TV Riser Stand

    Curved TV Riser Stand

    Curved TV riser stands to suit the latest designs of curved televisions to raise the height of the screen and allow a soundbar to be positioned in front.

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    From £107.04
  • Coffee Table Magazine Rack

    Coffee Table Magazine Rack

    A modern acrylic coffee table with a useful magazine rack, made from glass effect acrylic with a green tint to the edge.

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  • Spindle Jewellery Storage Box

    Spindle Jewellery Storage Box

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