Work is hard for all of us: sometimes we have the feeling that nobody stands on our side.

Not any more. Luminati Lifestyle monitor and laptop stands will do just that.  The cutting-edge manufacturer of contemporary furniture will help you to work in a more friendly and ergonomic environment, because we all need to work. Well, unless your surname is Hilton, and you happened to have been conceived between a glass of Martini Rosso and a 1964 Dom Perignon on a glamorous Paris weekend.

But for the rest of you, why not take a look at “Scissors”, the elegantly designed monitor stand, made only from two pieces of acrylic, which supports your screen in a raised position?

Or what about “Delilah”, the stylish acrylic stand designed for flat screens and printers which not only raises the monitor screen to a better viewing height, but also creates extra desk space underneath?

If your boss is a megalomaniac and your office looks strangely similar to an IMAX theatre, I’d definitely suggest you go for “Samson”, a monitor riser stand made in 15mm thick clear acrylic, which can hold monitor screens weighing up to 120kg.

If, instead, you share your work station with somebody else, or if you are one of those who continuously stands up to adjust the position of the monitor, I highly recommend “The Claw”, a high quality monitor riser which can be set in six different height positions ranging from 70 to 250mm high.

For this and other acrylic modern furniture wonders that will make you go to work with a huge, beaming smile on your face, please visit:“”.