There are two very different fields where the key word is  “position”: computer monitors and sex. Since this is not a sex website, we’ll focus our attention on the first topic.

Luminati Lifestyle, one of the UK leaders in acrylic contemporary furniture, has developed a wide range of monitor risers suitable for practically any kind of laptop and desktop monitor currently on sale on planet Earth.

As far as our beloved laptops are concerned, you have plenty of choices. Let’s start with a lightweight portable aluminium riser, which can be adjusted up to a height of 16 cm, features a swivel base for easy viewing, and also works well as a mouse pad.

If your desk is not exactly as spacious as the one Richard Branson uses, you could find appealing the following product: a stand which holds, in a limited space, a laptop while using both an external keyboard and screen. In addition, you can store your laptop vertically (when closed) to allow easy access to the ports for connection.

For the those who consider stability their main goal in life, Lumitati Lifestyle has created a hinged clear acrylic laptop stand with a rubber trim to keep your PC as firm as a rock.
In terms of comfort this unit features a flat pack design, which makes it easy to carry it in a laptop bag. After all, the idea behind every Luminati Lifestyle’s product is making your life easier but with a design touch.