Is there anything sexier than a sleek, modern design acrylic table?

Okay, you might answer “Yes, Angelina Jolie!”, but that wouldn’t be fair.

I mean, talking about contemporary furniture what could you fancy more than a glossy, crystal clear surface which turns the Simpsons mug you put on it into a unique piece of art that would deserve to be exposed at MoMA?

Luminati Lifestyle crafts its acrylic tables with as much dedication as Michelangelo moulded his David.

Stylish 12mm thick acrylic coffee tables with diamond polished edges, also available with a shelf and in the Two Tone version made up of black and clear acrylic and high quality chrome fixings for an even more designer-look.

If the best is what you are aiming at, here it is the table of tables, the head turner of the Luminati Lifestyle catalogue: the ‘Precision Lifestyle’ acrylic range. Now, it should appear clear to anyone that there can’t be anything wrong with a table called “Precision”, but for the most distrustful of you I’ll spend a few words on it.
The ‘Precision’ coffee table, made in 25mm clear acrylic, has a very neat, classy design, chamfered edges and features a real superior finish.

If, on the other hand, a console table is what floats your boat then, you can choose between two gleaming models: the first one, made in clear, bright acrylic, is rectangular shaped and with high quality aluminium fixings for support, while the second one is an elegantly finished semi circular shaped console table with rounded edge, very handy when your hallway is not as big as the one in the Tower of London.

All these acrylic tables are definitely fine examples of contemporary furniture. But if you’re the kind of person who looks at a non-smart phone as if it were an ancient Roman relic, you might consider the hexagonal table, a very modern yet discreet three legged table made in clear acrylic to light the room around it.

For these and many more great examples of how Luminati Lifestyle contemporary furniture can make your life less unbearable, please visit “”.