You are lying on your bed, exhausted after another hard day’s work. And it’s only Wednesday. You realize that the last chapter of the latest Stephen King’s novel is waiting for you, so you straighten your pillow and life seems to have regained its meaning. But when you stretch out your arm to pick up your beloved book, you experience an awful sensation of void: there’s no bedside table next to your bed!

Thank God, Luminati Lifestyle has designed some of the most stylish and comfortable acrylic bedside tables in the UK market.

The first model I’d like to introduce to you is made of two layers of acrylic: the first one has a frosted finish and is secured over a second, inner black layer.

As in most Luminati Lifestyle’s products, the fixings are made in aluminium and are an integral part of the design.
If you lean on the artistic side and you don’t have two rooms of the same colour, you might appreciate the white acrylic bedside table. It’s a simple and exquisite piece of furniture which will fit with a spaceship style interior as well as with your villa in Tuscany. And don’t worry about having to take care of white furnishings : to keep it clean, it’s enough to wipe it with a damp non-abrasive cloth.

Since Luminati Lifestyle is a company determined to produce what its customers want, and not, like other rivals, to sell their customers what it has stored in its warehouses, every acrylic furniture in its catalogue can be made in various dimensions according to your personal requirements.

Just as in buying a pair of trousers, you can choose not only the size but even the colour. In fact, the Luminati Lifestyle  contemporary furniture is available in clear, frosted or other coloured acrylic