Not everyone can boast of working in a cool, hi-tech high-rise building. Luckily there are other ways to have your work place rise: the Luminati Lifestyles’ desk, monitor and laptop risers, for example.

Did you ever happen to sit at a desk that is really too low for you? It’s quite an uncomfortable situation, isn’t it?

A strong, sturdy, easy to set desk riser can create the extra height you need to work at your best.
Supplied in sets of 4, these desk risers are made of recycled plastic and represent a smart, low cost, eco-friendly solution.

If you are satisfied with your desk height but you have started to have hard feelings towards your laptop because its screen seems to boycott your career advancement by always reflecting as much light as possible onto your glasses, the Adjustable Laptop Riser is what really floats your boat. 

Made with a patterned design platform, which helps to improve laptop cooling, this laptop stand can be adjusted in 3 different angled positions, therefore in 3 different heights in order to suit every need.
Suitable for all sizes of laptops, this black, ABS made support stand also features rear slots, which are very useful for managing cables.
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