Digital is cool. Digital is trendy. Digital is modern. How could we not agree on that? But when it comes to pictures, be honest and admit it, having a good printed picture on paper is a completely different story.

That’s why Digital Lifestyles, the cutting edge manufacturer of acrylic contemporary furniture, has created a Multi Picture Acrylic Frame suitable to hold 9 photos, each measuring 4 x 4 inches.

The frame features diamond polished edges, a coloured back panel made in 3mm acrylic and clear acrylic picture pockets for your photos.

The clear acrylic panels serve a double purpose: protecting the image and providing absolute clarity to show off your photos at their best.
The front loading picture holders simply ‘snap’ into place on the frame and are held in place with strong magnets.
Do you easily get tired of looking at the same pictures? No problem, at all. The photos on the frame can be easily changed and rearranged.
There are a variety of colours available from which to choose.
Last, but not least, these multiple photo frames have no visible fixings when mounted to the wall.

If you want to cause a sensation with your photos, there’s just one thing to do: get an Impression Photo Frame.

We are talking about acrylic frames which sit flush to the wall for a stunning photo display with no visible fixings or mounts.
Made in 9mm thick gloss white or gloss black acrylic, this photo frame features a clear panel on the photo which is also flush to the rest of the frame for a sleek finish.

It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer who is more into people or still life, this design photo frame can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation.