Printers are one of the most neglected machines in the world. We treat our beloved PCs and laptops like little babies and our printers like smelly guests that have slumped down onto our sofas and never moved out. Luminati Lifestyles has decided to stand up against this shameful attitude by crafting several models of acrylic printer stands.

Let’s start with a sturdy acrylic platform made in 8mm clear acrylic which is ideal to hold any type of multifunctional printer, scanner or fax machine in the office.

This printer stand not only provides extra valuable space on the desktop, but it also gives you sufficient space under the printer stand to store printer paper and other accessories.

If you want to keep your printer “on the move” and ready to relocate where you need it, you should set your mind on the under-desk printer unit with four lockable castors.
Available in two different heights, 210mm or 410mm, this mobile unit has top and base made in MDF and side panels in Foamex, a durable lightweight material. It provides plenty of capacity to hold spare paper or ink cartridges.

If you care for your printer as much as you do for your computer, you should give “her” the Luminati Lifestyles floorstanding unit as a gift.

We are talking about a high quality, versatile printer stand with two shelves, ideal for paper and extra storage.
It also features a fascinating modern look thanks to its high quality chrome fittings and its storage unit made in black laminate material.
In addition, this floorstanding printer stand comes on a castor base to enable it to be moved and repositioned easily.

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