Is there anything worse than having papers and documents scattered all over your desk? What’s more annoying than having to deal with a wad of papers which seem to place themselves where they can make your work as untidy as possible?

The smart chaps at Luminati Lifestyles know what it’s like and they have come up with a vast array of document holders and writing slopes.

To start with, a multi-function desktop slope is incredibly useful in helping you to achieve a good ergonomic working position.
Especially created to suit the needs of keyboard users, it allows them to refer to paperwork in line with the monitor rather than have to look to the side. This platform is also ideal as a writing slope to help reduce wrist, neck or back strain.
In addition, the height and angle of the working slope can be easily adjusted.

For those who have little space available on their desk, the compact document holder and writing slope combination is the perfect choice.

It doesn’t only save you space, but also helps you to make reference to documents more comfortably whilst using the keyboard and monitor. Here too, the angle and height of the portable platform can be easily adjusted.

If, when you visit an antique shop, you ask about the ergonomics of that Louis XV armchair, you are the type of person who should go for the Writing Slope Set.

Made in acrylic, this set includes a writing slope, a magnetic paper holder, an art pallet and a postural study wedge.

The slope and its accessories are designed to reduce neck flexion and to encourage an ergonomic working position for any activity whether it is reading, writing, computer work or even painting.
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