The iPad stand. A product that would seem to be based on a contradiction. What is so cool and exciting about the iPad is that you can take it with you anywhere you ago; an amazing piece of technology of very limited size and weight. So, on first thought, the last word you would associate with the iPad is “stand”. But if you reflect upon it, you will come to the conclusion that sooner or later you will stop somewhere to work on your iPad, so, having an iPad stand will allow you to do it in a much better way.

Especially if we are talking about the lightweight, flat pack design stand, ideal for carrying, devised by Luminati Lifestyles.
Simple and sturdy, this stand supports an iPad, while allowing it to be viewed easily when used with an external keyboard.
It’s also very helpful when you are using your iPad for a presentation.

If you want something even lighter than this, you should go for the Portable iPad Stand.

Very slim and made of lightweight 3mm aluminium, it weighs only 135g and can be laid flat in a leather pouch when not in use.

Since not everyone is the same height or has the same personal taste, this iPad stand features two different, adjustable angle positions which allow comfortable vertical and horizontal viewing.
A leather case is also included with the iPad stand, a very much appreciated accessory for the business traveller.
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