You sit at your desk and get to work but you can’t help feeling that there is something wrong, something which isn’t the way it should be. After a few minutes (if you are a smart chap), or after some hours (if you are a little less smart), you realize that you are not comfortable with the monitor position.

It’s at this point that Luminati Lifestyles steps in with its vast array of monitor stands.

Let’s start with the classic Acrylic Monitor Stand, available in medium and large sizes. Designed to enable the keyboard to sit on a ledge while not in use, thus saving valuable desk space, this riser provides a more ergonomic viewing height to all types of monitors or screens.

If you have to deal with a big monitor, whatever the reason might be – CAD designing or playing Grand Theft Auto, you should go for “The Claw”, a design, high quality monitor riser made in 15mm thick clear acrylic.
You can use it to support a TFT flat screen up to 18 inches wide.
The other big plus of this monitor stand is that it can be easily adjusted to the desired height. Six different height positions are available ranging from 70 to 250mm high.

Worried about having to build “The Claw” by yourself? Don’t be, this product is supplied ready for self-assembly.
Last but not least it’s pretty light, in fact it weighs 2.81 kgs, and, if required, can be branded with a corporate logo at a very reasonable extra cost.

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