What’s more annoying than a living room that is so messy that “living” in it is not actually possible, let alone being able to enjoy it?

Piles of magazines we will never finish reading, leaflets on products we will never buy, brochures of shows we will never go to. All of them scattered around  our living room in the hope of finding the time and the opportunity to make some use of them.

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that nine out of ten times you will never find any of them when you eventually need them. In the meantime, why not tidy up everything?

Here comes Luminati Lifestyles with one of their smart solutions: the Brochure display rack. It’s a freestanding rack for displaying and organizing brochures, booklets or magazines.
It can be very useful either at home or in the counter area of an office. This unit is supplied with keyhole slots in the back, as standard, for wall mounting, if required.
It features four tiers but, on request, the custom sizes can be changed to suit personal needs.
And you don’t even have to build it: it comes already assembled!
If you want something smaller to avoid your house or your workplace being turned into a post office warehouse, the Brochure tidy is what you need. It’s a practical, vertical design storage unit for catalogues, magazines, folders or files.

Made in clear acrylic, this brochure holder is designed to allow catalogues and brochures to be stored neatly in the home or office, either on a desktop or shelves.

If you have finally decided to say “no” to the mess, please go to http://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/leaflet-dispensers—brochure-holders