Glass mirrors are beautiful, nobody could pick holes in them. Nobody but kids. Actually, more than picking holes, they are extremely good at smashing them with any of their favourite items, be it a football, a tennis ball or a cricket bat.

Think about an acrylic mirror: cracking it is quite a tough job. You can throw a ball at it and it will just bounce back. That’s why the wise guys at Luminati Lifestyles have come up with mirrors made of 3mm thick acrylic, which are both stylish and practical.

Suitable for wall mounting on to a flat surface, the Luminati Acrylic mirror is as customizable as you like: on request you can have it in any bespoke size and you can also have it with screen printing, if you want.

If you’d like something more creative for your kids’ room, there are the cheerful Mirrored Jigsaw Pieces. Versatile and fun looking, these mirror shapes can also be ordered in any size. At Luminati quality goes hand in hand with flexibility, that’s why they can create and manufacture different shapes and designs of cut acrylic mirrors.

As they are so safe, these mirrors are the perfect choice for various environments where glass may cause worries. So, not only children’s bedrooms but also playrooms, nurseries or schools.

Would you like to enter a world where mirrors don’t crack and you can always have peace of mind? Please go to: