Life is made of big and small things. We take for granted that only the big ones have the power to make us feel good or bad. But everyday experiences should suggest to us that that isn’t true. How many times have we found ourselves in a state of joy while fiddling with a tiny, just purchased new object which has in some way made our life easier? As advertisers know very well, it’s not the actual product, it’s the value we give to it.

That’s why these two, very different, Luminati Lifestyles’ items may cause a smile to appear on your face.

The first one is the always terribly handy CD or DVD Storage Wallet. It features compact wallets to store and organise your discs and to avoid unpleasant scratches.

There are two standard sizes available to hold either 128 or 240 discs, the colour is the classic black.

The second item is something you would probably not expect to need. I’m talking about an Ice Bucket with Lighting!

It’s a giant-size glass shaped ice bucket equipped with an internal light, ideal to put some ice inside in order to keep your wine, beer or champagne bottles cold. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, you can use it for garden parties or for intimate, candlelight dinners.

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