Jewellery. In Grandma’s time they were usually kept in a casket, or in a jar. They were all squeezed together and when you wanted to take one out the only way was to flip the casket upside down and noisily drop all the contents on a table.

Modernization, with all its downsides, such as the greenhouse effect and global warming, has, however, brought us some good novelties.

Believe it or not, one of these are definitely jewellery boxes.

Luminati Lifestyles has crafted a very modern jewellery box made in high quality acrylic. This very handy and stylish product can hold a large number of jewellery items and features acrylic compartment trays in two layers, a solution which is ideal for organizing your jewellery.

If you are on the creative side and would like more fancy colours, Luminati gives you plenty of choice: in fact, lids and sides are available in red, black or clear frosted acrylic.
Besides, if you wish to have a bigger or smaller jewellery box, as for most of Luminati’s products, alternative sizes can be made to order.

Fancy something more technological?

Take a look at the Jewellery Storage Box, an acrylic case with hinged lids which can also be lockable on request.
And you can pick your favourite colour and kind of finish from the many available.

If  you feel that it’s time to take your jewels out of that dusty casket, please go to: