This is the era of professionalism: whatever the field is, most people have realized it’s much better to follow the example of the pros, tap into their know-how rather than improvising and wasting time and money.

So, when it comes to organizing your trinkets, your accessories, your jewellery, why not use what the shops use?

That’s why the smart guys at Luminati Lifestyles have crafted a Trinket Box which is not only as practical as any work tool should be. It is also as elegant and stylish as any item in your house should be.

Extremely useful for the safekeeping of trinkets and small items of jewellery, this acrylic box boasts compartments which are ideal for storing several objects.
Another feature of this versatile unit is the presence of two removable inner compartment trays and a sliding lid which covers the box and is secured with a magnetic catch.
Like most of Luminati Lifestyles’ products, you can have this Trinket Box in bespoke sizes.

If you’re not only concerned with organizing but you also want to display your little treasures, you should definitely go for the Clear Accessory Box. We are talking about a versatile box made in clear acrylic throughout which has two layers in a compact unit.

In order to give you a little extra security, the clear compartment box has a hinged lid with a lock. Custom sizes are available on request.

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