Let’s admit it: life can be boring. A 9 to 5 job and the everyday routine can get any of us down. One of the tricks for cheering up our life, at least the part we spend at home, is to live in a pleasant, bright environment, and you don’t have to live in the Playboy mansion to do it. Surrounding ourselves with attractive and colourful objects is an inexpensive and fun way to achieve this goal.

For example, let’s think about one of the most rewarding parts of our day: having a drink with friends at home. Try serving your Martinis on a Luminati Lifestyle’s Drinks Tray and the evening will go with a swing. We are talking about a very modern-looking tray made in fun and eye-catching coloured acrylic.

This drinks tray is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and you can have it in a variety of bright colours.
If you want to show your guests that you are really stylish or, if instead “breakfast in bed” is one of your favourite weekend activities, the Luminati Acrylic serving tray will make your evening drinks and/or your Sunday morning cup of tea a very special moment.
This high sided tray is ideal for entertaining or serving and is available in either a clear or glass effect acrylic and an elegant black-gloss finish.

If you want to brighten up your lifestyle then please go to: http://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/search.php?q=drinks+tray&sID=