You don’t need to live in a museum to have objects on display.

Most of us have items we cherish for whatever reason, be it a college football trophy or the fake-silver award you won at that local literary contest.

Luminati Lifestyles has thought about us all and has come up with a Display Case which will make anything, even that rare Belgian beer-can from Bruges a few summers ago, look precious.

Made in high quality acrylic to ensure optimum clarity, this display case can be customized according to your personal preferences. In fact, you can have it either in clear acrylic throughout or positioned on a plinth in a finish to suit your house decor.
But that’s not all. As in any respectable showroom where the items on display are properly lit, even the Luminati acrylic display cabinets are available with different lighting options.

Quotations for this item depend on the size and quantity, whether the order is for just one or several items.

Talking about displaying things in your house, we should also think about photos.

So now we come to the Luminati Lifestyles 3 photo picture frame. It’s a stylish high quality acrylic picture frame which can hold three of your favourite snaps in a single display.
Its clean, elegant design is guaranteed due to the lack of visible fixings or mounts. In fact this photo frame sits flush on the wall and the pictures are inserted inside magnetic back panels at the rear of the frame. Made in 9mm thick gloss white or gloss black acrylic, it features diamond-polished edges and a sleek, design finish.

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