The versatile nature of acrylic furniture makes it perfect for so many different settings. No matter what your interior design theme, acrylic furniture can be the perfect complement to both modern and traditional homes. With so much to offer, we’ve narrowed down our top 5 reasons to make your next furniture purchase an acrylic one!

1. Unobtrusive Design
Some of the most popular pieces of acrylic furniture are made using clear acrylic. The huge selling point with clear acrylic furniture is the ability for it to appear as taking up very little space. For smaller homes, or homes wishing to look clutter free, clear acrylic furniture is great at making the most of the available space without obstructing any other items or drawing your attention away from your own feature pieces of furniture or furnishings.


2. Perfect Clarity
Clear acrylic has better optical clarity than glass, so will not only appear as taking up very little room, but also allow for your beautiful rugs or wallpaper to shine through. With diamond or flame polishing as standard on Luminati Lifestyles furniture, the high shine finish will appear on every edge. Complementing the outstanding clarity, acrylic also has an extremely high gloss finish, for premium modern furniture.


3. Accentuates and Compliments
Acrylic furniture will compliment almost any décor choice in your home. With many different designs to choose from, straight sleek lines look perfect in a modern home, and the beautiful curves in our retro coffee table designs will perfectly compliment more traditional décor. If you’ve just installed a beautiful carpet or feature rug, a clear acrylic coffee table will only enhance its beauty and not take away from its design and colours.


4. Clutter Free
Take the first step to a clutter free home! Wood and other non-opaque materials can hide items and actually encourage clutter! The sleek, transparency of acrylic allows for items to be seen from all angles, preventing clutter and encouraging a neat and tidy home. Acrylic tables can be used as more feature items to display beautiful flowers or vases, rather than as spaces to pile items.


5. Colour range
Clear acrylic isn’t the only option when it comes to beautiful furniture. Acrylic Is widely available in a large range of colours, textures and finishes. A simple frost finish will compliment any home, and bright, vibrant solid colours can be great feature pieces! Better still, acrylic is a great material for digital printing and there are even now tables on the market that have been printed with family photos or beautiful landscapes, the opportunities are endless!


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