We’ve all been there, scrabbling through your makeup bag for that one decent brush you have, only to find it bent out of shape and covered in that glitter eyeshadow you bought 5 years ago that broke open a few months back!  Or is that just me?!  If, like me, you’re make up organisation leaves little to be desired, you’ll probably benefit from some of these great products to keep make up and cosmetics clean and easy to find!  Going hand in hand with this is also a great selection of jewellery displays to keep things neat, tidy and safe.


  1. Cosmetic & Makeup Accessories Holder – This simple yet super handy accessory holder is perfect for make-up, accessories and jewellery.  It’s made from completely clear acrylic making everything inside easy to see and find.  It has 4 compartments great for small items such as eyyshadow, lipstock and more and a large central compartment which is perfect for brushes and pencils etc.  Want to hear the best bit?  It’s under £10https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/cosmetic-or-accessories-holder


  1. Make up Organiser with Tray – This item has been hugely popular for use as a make-up and cosmetic storage unit.  Again, it’s made from clear acrylic so it’s really easy to see what’s inside and to find what you’re looking for quickly.  It has 5 drawers which are 300mm square so can fit loads of items inside.  The top of the display acts as a little storage tray so you can place all your tall items inside like perfume or hair products.  A definite must-have to organise a large selection of items. https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/make-up-organiser-tray


  1. Make up Organiser – Similar to the above, this organiser is a perfect way to store and display many different make up and cosmetic items. This one though has a deep lower pocket so can hold larger items and keep them safe.  The very top of the make-up unit also has a lid which acts as a great storage area https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/make-up-organiser


  1. Cosmetics & Toiletries Tray – This cute little tray is the perfect storage item for bathroom products.  Why not keep your toothbrush set on it, or use it on your bedside table to hold night creams and cleansers.  It’s available in clear acrylic, or in a beautiful “glass effect” acrylic which has a subtle green tint to it. https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/cosmetics-and-toiletries-trays


  1.  Spindle Jewellery Box – This handy little jewellery storage box has a clever design, allowing lots of storage when opened out, but takes up little room when closed.  It has 3 storage trays which slide open by pivoting round.  It’s perfect for smaller items like rings, earrings, and necklaces.  https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/home-accessories/spindle-jewellery-storage-box


  1. Portable Mirror – Festival goer?  Seasoned traveller? If so, this is a must have!  Forget that tiny mirror you’ve got rolling around in the bottom of your handbag, this clever “Magic Mirror” is the portable equivalent of a floor length mirror! Folding up into 3 sections, the mirror can be propped up on a counter, or hung on the back of a door to create a full length mirror.   It fits neatly into a hand bag and the mirror is acrylic, not glass, so no nasty accidents if it’s dropped or damaged. Finally, it comes in a neat little presentation box so makes the perfect present to a friend (or yourself!) https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/home-accessories/portable-mirrors


  1. Enclosed Earring Holder – My earrings either end up mixed up at the bottom of a jewellery box, or hanging on a display and completely covered in dust!  This neat jewellery holder solves both those problems by allowing earrings to be hooked over, or placed in a hole, so they are organised and easy to access.  The jewellery holder has a clear acrylic surround so can be slid in and out easily. The surround keeps all the items free from dust and dirt, and as it’s completely clear so your jewellery looks great and is easy to find! https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/home-accessories/enclosed-earring-holder