The stunning finish of acrylic makes it hugely popular for use as furniture and home accessories.  Everyone loves the sleek look of acrylic, and the amazing optical clarity clear acrylic offers.  The worst bit though is those grubby finger prints that appear, or that layer of dust that’s formed!  Keeping acrylic furnature clean and bright is simple when you know how, but make sure you follow our top tips…


Keep Chemicals Away! Acrylic is sensitive to chemical cleaning products, which will damage and in some cases cause “crazing” if used.  Make sure all your using is clean soapy water, make sure no harsh cleaning chemicals or glass cleaners are used on acrylic.


Dust – Gently wipe away any dust or dirt, use something gentle like a microfiber cloth or better still a feather duster!


Simple soap & water – In some cases, water on its own will be sufficient, but if you have greasy finger prints or a dirt build up, then add a small drop of non-abrasive soap to the mixture.  Use this to very gently wipe away the dirt, try not to rub the dirt in as this may cause surface scratching.  The best cloth to use is a microfiber one, or an old cotton t-shirt.


Buff dry – Use a second dry cloth and using the same technique, gently clean and buff the table dry.  This should remove any water marks and give a high gloss finish.  If you’ve used too much soap and are getting a cloudy residue, wipe with just water and then dry again.


Scratches – If you’ve got surface scratching and cleaning hasn’t removed them, there are scratch removers available which will polish out most scratches perfectly.


Static – Sometime static can build up on acrylic furniture, which can be frustrating if it’s constantly attracting dust!  Try out an anti-static cleaner which will remove this build up and leave furniture looking fantastic.


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