We’re all feeling it right now, that desperate need to connect with our loved ones in person rather than over a pixallated screen. No matter how often you video call, text or connect with your friends and relatives online, nothing quite compares to that big hug you get from your dad, or sharing a cup of tea together with your best friend.

That’s why we’ve introduced our Until Tomorrow range of frames. These beautifully designed frames will be sent straight to your relative or friends door with your own personalised printed photo encased in it.

What better way to surprise someone with a personalised frame housing a treasured picture of your times together!

Our frames are available in 6x4 inch size, or 7x5 inch size and are made of two crystal clear pieces of acrylic that are held together with magnets in each corner to form a beautiful frame. Simply pull the panels apart to insert a new picture.

Each Until Tomorrow frame includes the cost of having your own image printed and inserted inside, simply send us your favourite photo and we will do the rest.

For an extra special touch, we can also supply a beautiful black presentation box for the frame.

To find out more, visit https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/home-accessories/until-tomorrow-frame

What picture will you surprise your relative or loved ones with!

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