We wanted to introduce you to our newest Luminati Lifestyles product range – the Tuslig Collection. Inspired by Danish design, the Tuslig Collection offers statement products that create eye-catching centre-pieces. If you are looking to freshen up your space and take some Insta worthy shots, then look no further. Tuslig has got you covered! 

We offer our acrylic products in three colour ways. 

50’s retro is your style? No problem. The Auburn brown tint will add atmosphere and soul into your space.   

Modern Scandi? No worries. The smoked grey variation will allow light to flood through whilst generating mood and depth within your home.  

Finally, the classic – minimalism. The crystal-clear acrylic is the perfect option for those who want the practicalities of bulky furniture without the heavy look. The Tuslig Collection can mould perfectly to your existing aesthetic with its understated nature. 

Take a look at our top picks from this collection:

Måne Vessel 


Inspired by the composition of unique shapes within the natural world - this vase explores the beauty of sculpture and interior design combined harmoniously as one. This feature pairs beautifully with dried pampas grass and decorative foliage, providing a natural feel for your space. 

Hit the link to shop: https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/furniture-and-homewares/mane-vessel 

Omvänd Vessel 

The Omvänd Vase is a reflective sculptural piece that will add dimension to any interior space. Add in some freshly cut flowers for a beautifully scented, eye-catching center piece. 

Click to shop: https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/furniture-and-homewares/omvand-vessel 

The Olsson Series Prints 

Pair this series with the Olsson Tray to build an underlying narrative within your interior. Brighten your home and take your space to the next level with this delicate range of prints. 

Click the link to shop: https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/furniture-and-homewares/the-olsson-series  

Olsson Tray 

Be bold. Be brave. Challenge your interior styling and move out of your comfort zone with this geometric style tray. The soft, abstract handles will add colour and intrigue to your interior. Not only are the handles stylish, but they make using this statement tray a practical (and ever so glamorous) affair.  

Our designers are interested in developing unique pieces which evoke an emotive attachment - ensuring these products are loved for years to come. Place this tray in centre stage on our Björk Coffee Table providing a laid back, natural feel to any space. 

Click the link to shop: https://www.luminatilifestyles.co.uk/furniture-and-homewares/olsson-tray 

We hope you enjoyed this run down of our favourite products from the Tuslig Collection. We would love to see how you have styled our products. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram at @luminatilifestyles and @tuslig so we can share.