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How to Style Your Footstool Tray

Want to make your footstool the centre-piece of your living room? Luminati Lifestyles can help you out with our tips and tricks for optimal styling.


Lindsey (lt_homeinspo) uses our footstool trays to add glamour and modern scandi styling to her home. The layering of books and any interior magazines build height and depth within your show stopper centre-piece. You can interchange these based on the season (or your current favourite read)... This is sure to get guests talking. Utilising the contrast of large and smaller objects. For example, the small knot style candles create balance against the larger vase filled with flowers.


Lindsey also places a key focus on tone within her space. You can see from these images that natural tones are at play here, which builds a gorgeous modern scandi aesthetic. This is further accentuated with the dried flowers which are delicately placed on the tray. We definitely envy this stylish space - who wouldn't want to live here, right?

Floral arrangements are the star of the show in this image by @raisingsmallreaders! The vase filled with beautiful daffodils adds light and colour to this space. You can feel that spring is in the air. You can change the type of floral arrangements you place on your tray depending upon the season. For example, in the summer you may opt for bright pinks, whites and yellows. However, in the autumn you may want a muted palette to complement the weather, such as dark reds, oranges and white. You can even add some dried flowers to your tray which last longer than fresh but still create that dramatic effect.


Create seasonal displays with your tray. Emma (@house_to_home_no.17) created a modern Easter display on her footstool tray this spring season. We love how playfulness is combined with sophistication here. The muted tones and delicate ceramics build an eye-catching main feature. Get creative at Halloween, Christmas and Easter! Tag us in some photos on Instagram @luminati.lifestyles.


Our final stylist tips come from Chana (@ourplaceandthepug) who takes feminine greyscale to the next level! Her home is filled with stylish greys and blush pinks which compliment our trays beautifully. This is a simple, centre focused approach to styling our trays. Chana lets our trays do the talking, and accentuates its presence with 3 simple accessories. We love this minimalist look.


We hope you enjoyed our personal favourite footstool styling tips. Follow us on Instagram (@luminati.lifestyles) and Facebook (@luminatilifestyles) to keep up to date with our newest products and any future blog posts!