We are here to share some top styling tips for creating your dream space by using prints and picture walls!

Choosing the right size

If you have a large space and a key focal point you want to accentuate e.g. a sofa or dining table, you may want to consider placing a larger print on the wall behind to draw peoples attention to this area. Not only this, it will fill the large space and prevent the room from feeling empty. The image below is a prime example of how large pieces of artwork can make your large house feel more like a home:

Ford Huniford

Less is More

Sometimes, less is more. If you are opting for a stripped back, natural feel to your home, you will want a set of prints to match. Delicate florals and illustrative linework may compliment a subtle interior better than a large colour filled piece. Take a look at this space for example:


Picture Walls

We aren't talking about cluttering your home with prints - let's be clear... However, we are all partial to a sophisticated picture wall!

This is where it's time to get creative. Be abstract, use mismatched frames but stay on theme and consider your colour palette. Pick prints that relate to one another. It may be that the prints focus on the natural world, or they are from your favourite Artist/Illustrator. Be mindful of whether they work as a cohesive piece. After all, a picture wall is practically a piece of art within itself, right? We think this is a prime example of a perfect picture wall.


Tone, Colour and Mood

One thing to consider when selecting wall art for your home is tone, colour and mood. If you have opted for a muted and limited colour palette within your interior like the image below, you will want to match the artwork accordingly. Spend some time looking at colour palettes and see what matches your existing home. Buying a set of prints will allow for a cohesively designed space. You also want to consider the content of the images and whether they relate to your personality or convey the correct feeling you are trying to create. For example, the prints within the image below evokes feelings of calm and serenity which directly reflect the mood generated by the soft toned colour palette. These considerations are vital when creating a truly magnificent interior.

Poster Store

Thematic Considerations

How do your prints relate to each other and the existing space? Are they focused on a particular event, movement, person or natural life? This is something to think about when selecting prints from different artists/stores. You want the prints to be able to work harmoniously together, even if they weren't produced by the same person. In the image below, you can feel the Mediterranean heat from the colours used and the focal points of the illustrative imagery.


If you are looking for a set of abstract geometric prints, then you have come to the right place- Meet The Olsson Series Prints. This simplistic series of geometric style prints will effortlessly soften your home and create that desired Danish aesthetic with its soft shapes and muted tones. Pair these art prints with a light wooden frame to achieve a bright and subtle wall feature.

These prints are designed to complement the Olsson statement tray within this collection, as the abstract shapes cohesively tie a room together, creating an underlying narrative within your interior. Take your space somewhere new with this delicate series.