When we think of minimalist design in terms of interiors - imagery of clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and monochrome palettes are often thought of. If the space is designed poorly, it can feel cold, barren and unloved. It's definitely a fine balancing act between the colour, light and space. However, we cannot live without the practicalities of furniture, such as a coffee or side table. These key pieces often tie a space together and make it habitable. Giving them up would mean jeopardising the ease and comfort the home provides, and we aren't quite ready to let that go yet...

"[Everything] should be functional and add value to the space. You still need all of the items in a space for it to function, but in minimalist decor, 'form' is very important." Says Robert Brown of Robert Brown Interior design in an article with Elle Decor.

Luminati Lifestyles offers the practicalities of bulky furniture without the heavy look. Our clear and tinted acrylic furnishings are the key to achieving a truly minimalistic space.

"Minimalism is all about the feeling that it gives out. Not any single sense is sacrificed with the simplicity that minimalism brings to the table. Bedrooms are made more comfortable, bathrooms more intimate, and living spaces more welcoming. Minimalism in itself is all about the general amplification of already existing purposes. Ironically, minimalism is the maximization of the use, feel, and shape of a space. " (Easy Render)

We are here to show you how our furniture can be used to achieve that minimalistic look...

ourplaceandthepug styling our Footstool Tray

Måne Vessel

Häckande Tables

mowbraymakeover styling our Footstool Tray

lt_houseinspo styling our Footstool Tray

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